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Anthony Brisacq, CEO, AVA SoftwareAnthony Brisacq, CEO
Have you ever noticed a person struggling to make a hotel booking? Probably, no! Indeed, there might be some head-scratching over the hotel options, but once the choices are made, today’s intuitive hotel booking apps guide its users in every step of the way. One simply needs to pick a destination, choose the right dates, enter the payment information, and voila, happy travels!

Now, what if the process could have been as easy when it came to booking a luxury yacht? Well, the luxury yachting industry does not have to wait in anticipation anymore. AVA Software’s foray into the yacht chartering software space with its advanced cloud-based software ‘Leading Yachts of the World (LYW)’ is here to disrupt and digitalize the entire yacht chartering process. “Our aim is to make chartering a yacht as easy as booking a hotel or airline ticket,” says Anthony Brisacq, CEO of AVA Software.

The success of LYW—the brainchild of Brisacq—stems from Brisacq’s lingering experience and expertise in the yachting industry. Originally from Lille in France, Brisacq spent over a decade in the world of theatre and comedy in Paris. In 2003, he fell in love with yachting and founded Mediterranean Yacht Services, providing last-minute yacht bookings in Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez. In 2015, Anthony teamed up with the yachting industry giant, Camper & Nicholsons, to create Yachtster, a dedicated application for yacht chartering. However, he later sold Yachtster to his partners at Camper & Nicholsons International. From there, Brisacq continued working in the tech realm while observing the evolution in the yachting industry. This is when he saw several pain points permeating the industry. For instance, to charter a yacht, one has to circle several agencies and chartering companies, which makes the process complex and tedious.
What further affects the customer experience and sales conversion rate is that most yacht chartering operations are performed manually. These setbacks, according to Brisacq, made the industry ripe for a digital revolution, spurring the genesis of AVA Software and, in turn, LYW.

Powered by artificial intelligence, LYW creates a seamless online channel for yacht chartering agencies and its user partners (hotel groups, travel agencies, and brokers). This online channel also enables customers to search for the perfect vessel, compare different products, check availability, make a booking, and pay for it securely. To improve the speed and quality of the service, the software automates all the yacht chartering activities like a follow-up, payment, commissions, and more. Besides, the software integrates yacht charter agencies with the global online travel ecosystem, providing access to a comprehensive database of customers around the world. AVA Software’s clients can also benefit from LYW’s game-changing distribution model—aided by a targeted digital advertising and marketing system—that manages online traffic and improves the sales conversion rate.

What strongly underpins the success of AVA Software is its belief that to foster a long-lasting relationship between yacht chartering agencies and their customers, people safety should be given prime importance. To that end, every yacht that is made available on LYW are subject to a comprehensive 120-point LYW quality assurance process, which rigorously checks the quality of the vessel, onboard safety, crew experience, and maintenance, among many other factors.

With such a robust security protocol and intuitive software, AVA Software has scripted success stories for a multitude of organizations. In one instance, the company partnered with InterContinental Phuket Resort that wanted to offer world-class guest services to its customers. The client implemented LYW to book yachts for its guests. Bjorn Courage, general manager at InterContinental Phuket Resort, said, “Leading Yachts of the World has uniquely positioned us to elevate our guest service by providing us with the ability to book and confirm luxury yachts for our customers at the click of a button.”

Such positive success stories are a testament to AVA Software’s proficiency in the luxury yachting landscape. To offer better services for its clients, the company is investing in new technologies and enhancing the expertise of its team. In the coming days, the company will release its new solution named—Leading Experiences of the World. “This solution will enable a well-heeled community of consumers to book a comprehensive collection of top-end products, brands, and services anywhere in the world, at any time,” affirms Brisacq. With an appetite for constant innovation, AVA Software is poised to bring a definitive change to the way yacht charter agencies operate in the future.
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Anthony Brisacq, CEO

Founded in 2019, AVA Software is a travel technology company that has developed the first mobile application, website, and cloud-based proprietary software application for the management of charter sales directly for yacht charter professionals, hospitality and travel professionals. With its proprietary software—powered by artificial intelligence—AVA Software creates a seamless online channel for yacht chartering agencies and its user partners (hotel groups, travel agencies, and brokers). Powered by artificial intelligence, LYW is where ‘yachting and hospitality meets,’ helping its customers to search for the perfect vessel, compare different products, check availability, make a booking, and pay for it securely.

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